About Us

The company is built on hard work and detail to perfection. GoldSmith Concepts was founded in 1989 in Nashville, Tennessee and GoldSmith Concepts has worked with most of the largest jewelry store chains in the US. We know the quality of the other jewelers and we will guarantee our quality over theirs.

Choosing an engagement ring doesn't have to be complicated. But, you need to have a large selection at your finger tips. GoldSmith Concepts gives you the choices you deserve. You can design your own jewelry at GoldSmith Concepts and we have a large selection of diamonds and colored gemstones to help you create that special piece.

We have been an IJA Master Jeweler for 20+ years. We know the ins and outs of jewelry quality and where it is lacking. We have designed for country music stars, musicians and golf pros over the years here in Nashville. And I am currently working on the set of ABC’s “Nashville”. We hope you see the quality in our jewelry and design that one of a kind piece for yourself or for that special someone.

E-mail: goldsmith_concepts@comcast.net